If you like roulette online but aren’t sure how to choose the best online casino site to play it, we will help you. Enjoy a huge range of online roulette sites that accept PaySafeCard as a payment method. Discover how to play Online Roulette and learn advanced Roulette rules and strategies. Understand the differences of online roulette and find out which legal online roulette websites are offering online roulette games.
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Roulette is the most recognized casino symbol. Luxury, excitement and simple rules has led roulette to complete success. This is not surprising that since this game’s invention, it has been so popular in the gaming world. If you want to play safely, play roulette PaySafeCard casino, so you will not have to worry about safety, security and your personal comfort.

As a rule, roulette sites that accept PaySafeCard are comfy and easy to use. On our site, you can find the list of the best roulette casinos with the function of PaySafeCard availability and choose the perfect one for yourself.

Today, you are going to find out what exactly this kind of game is, how the whole process works, if any perfectly working strategies exist and how to pay with PaySafeCard.


It is believed that roulette appeared in France at first. It conquered Europe and then crossed the ocean. Currently, there are three types of games on roulette sites that accept PaySafeCard:

  • American Roulette (Double zero roulette). 38 numbers: 0, 00, from 1 to 36 inclusive.
  • European roulette (Single zero roulette). 37 numbers: 0, from 1 to 36 inclusive.
  • French roulette (Single zero roulette). It is the ancestor of the European one, has the same wheel, but different from all the playing field.

If you want one of them, you have to make sure, that chosen PaySafeCard roulette casino provides you the exact roulette option. Online roulette with PaySafeCard can differ by:

  • The distribution of numbers on the wheel
  • Game field
  • Possible rates (read the rules for each game)
  • Some special rules (“En Prison”, “La Partage” and “Surrender”, for example)
  • Rules of conduct at the table, procedures, chips and so on


Games have small differences in the procedure of the game. Let’s review some of them and start with what this game actually is.


We can divide roulette into 3 components:

  1. Croupier (dealer)

Croupier is the main and only judge in the game. Its role is to take bets, pay winnings, spin the roulette wheel and throw the ball. In online casinos, the program acts as a croupier (in other words, the croupier is absent).

  1. Game table

On the gaming table the numbers are presented in a special format. In the role of money, there are usually gambling chips that are exchanged for real money.

It is known, that there are two types of field on the game table:

  • Internal field. It contains all numbers from 0 to 36. Each three consecutive numbers form a row, vertical lines form three columns of twelve numbers each.
  • External field. It is located on the edges of the playing field for external bets. Every such field corresponds either to certain numbers or to some qualities of numbers (even / odd).


Traditionally, American casino roulette online PaySafeCard is played with multi-colored chips, and each player has different chips at the table, which greatly simplifies the process of making bets and paying winnings. Such chips are usually bought from the dealer on a particular gaming table, and are not used in other games. After the player completes the game, his chips are exchanged either for money or for traditional chips.

In European casinos, standard chips are used. The dealer uses a special spatula to clear the bets that have been already played.


There is not any 100% working tactic for winning. Yes, there are schemes, that being combined with intelligence and accuracy, can increase the chances of winning, but those that guarantee success do not exist.

If you are offered to buy such a scheme, do not let somebody to make a fool of you. Most likely, this is just a way to get money out of you for scammers.


Many Internet users are faced with the inconvenience associated with paying through a bank account, playing in casinos and making deposits, for example. The inconvenience is that the payment is delayed by the banks, you have to wait a long time for crediting to the other account.

The situation with PaySafeCard is completely different. Funds transfer (making roulette PaySafeCard deposit or withdrawal) occurs immediately after the introduction of the 16-digit code. This is the main advantage of PaySafeCard, since it is a prepaid system. Instant transfer does not depend on the day of the week, day, political situation in the country or relations with the country where the payment will be made. Use online roulette PaySafeCard payment method and enjoy the service.


The croupier offers all players sitting at the table to make bets (depending on the type of roulette, they may differ). The table represents not only the roulette itself, but also the field on which the same numbers are displayed in the form of a table as on the roulette wheel, as well as various types of bets. As soon as the croupier says the classic phrase that has already become: “The bets are made, there are no more bets”, the acceptance of bets is considered complete and the croupier spins the roulette wheel in one direction and starts the ball in the opposite direction. It is forbidden to touch the rotating wheel and the ball or otherwise act on them. In online roulette the user also cannot change the bet or make an additional one after the wheel has started to rotate. You should remember about roulette wheel strategies before making bets.

As soon as the ball enters the cell, the croupier announces the winning number. The income from the winnings is distributed between the winning bets and the casino, but if “0” fell out – all bets go to the casino income. It should be borne in mind that in all casinos there are restrictions on both the minimum and maximum rates when playing no deposit bonus roulette for each position.

Winning in roulette is the key point in which both players and casinos are interested. Winning depends on how the roulette bet is made in online casinos. The more accurately you try to select an object, the greater will be your potential payout if you win. There are several types of bets available to the player. Each type of bet has its own odds of winning roulette and roulette payouts.

Straight BetThis is a bet for one specific number to choose on roulette wheel.35:1
Split BetThis is a bet on 2 contiguous numbers at the same time, which include, among other things, the rates “zero” -1, “zero” -2 and “zero” -3. If in the first case the bet is placed directly on the number, in the second case it is placed on the border of two contiguous cells on the roulette table.17:1
Street BetThis is a bet for three numbers of one row. The chip is placed on the border of the inner and outer betting areas.11:1
Corner BetThis is a bet on four contiguous numbers. The chip is placed at the point where these numbers touch.8:1
Line BetThis is a bet on 2 contiguous rows. The chip is placed on the outer line at the point of contact between the two rows.5:1
Red or BlackThis is a bet on any red or black sector. The chip is placed on the corresponding color sector.1:1
Even or OddThis is a bet on any odd or even sector. The chip is placed on the field with the designation “EVEN” or “ODD”.1:1
Low or HighThis is a bet on a range of numbers 1-18 or range 19-36. The chip is placed in the corresponding field “1-18” or “19-36”.1:1
Dozen BetThis is a bet on a range of numbers 1-12, 13-24 or 25-36. The chip is installed in the sector “1 st 12”, “2 st 12” or “3 st 12”.2:1
Column BetThis is a bet on 12 numbers in any of the columns. The chip is placed under the selected column, there are three of them and they are marked as “2 to 1”.2:1

The player can combine bets. For example, he can put both on the “red” and “black” at the same time. You can put on a “dozen” and “odd.” You can even make a bet on the “red”, on the “black” and on the “zero”, closing all options for the loss. But since in the “Zero” rate, there is a limit on the maximum amount, and in this case you will not be able to win at the casino with a probability of 100% or build a winning strategy.


Roulette is one of the most popular casino games, that’s why it is also popular in online casinos. The advantage of playing online casino is that there is a huge variation of roulettes available, including french roulette online.

The most popular online roulette options are American European and European Roulette. By the name of these roulettes you can predict that the rules of these games are based on the rules of real roulettes of offline casinos in these parts of the world. American roulette dominates the US casino and European roulette is most common in offline casinos in Europe. What is the difference between these two roulettes? How many number on a roulette wheel do they have?

European roulette wheel has 37 sectors, from 1 to 36 and 0 or zero. 0 gives the main advantage of the casino. All bets when 0 drops out. This gives the casino 2.7% of the profits from European roulette.

American roulette wheel has 38 numbers (sectors) on the drum, from 1 to 36, 0 and 00 (double zero). Consequently, in American roulette, bets lose, if 0 and 00 drops out. The advantage of casinos in American roulette is approximately two times higher than in European roulette – 5.26%. And for this, American roulettes are less popular with players. Popular online casinos offer you a choice of both types of roulettes – European and American, of course, players prefer to play European roulette.

The third option is French Roulette. It has 37 sectors on the wheel, as in the European. This option, which includes “La Partafa Rule”, based on the name dominates in some casinos in France. With a zero loss, the players who have placed a casino on this sector give equal chances, and offer consolation – half of their original wager.

The most widely used method of payment in general, when paying via the Internet, of course, is payment by card (debit or credit). Licensed casinos are very closely monitoring the conduct of secure transactions, since they are interested in the players plunging into the gambling world of playing online roulette paysafe for real money and not having the slightest concern about the reliability of the payment method. The second, equally common method of payment may vary depending on the country. It can be both online transactions from bank accounts, and payments made through e-wallets.

Despite the fairly high level of security of all payment methods, not many people are aware of an even safer method of crediting funds to a player’s account. This method includes prepaid cards, the most popular of which are Paysafecard cards for playing online roulette real money usa. With these cards you can transfer money via the Internet, even without a credit card or bank account.

Paysafecard is a prepaid card that a player can buy at any of the 450,000 retail locations around the world. Paysafecard cards are available in denominations of 10 to 100 euros. All you need to do when paying in roulette paysafecard online real money is to enter a 16-digit PIN-code of the card and transfer money to your gaming account. In addition to absolute security, this payment method has another advantage – anonymity. You do not need to enter your credit card number, bank account number or personal data anywhere. As a bonus you can use real money roulette pay safe card app. Playing roulette has become even easier!

Based on our experience, we can definitely say that you have nothing to worry about standard payments; the only condition is to play in a reputable licensed casinos with roulette. But if you are looking for even higher security, we can confidently recommend payments through the Paysafecard prepaid card to play roulette online for real money.


PaySafeCard is one of the leading European prepaid Internet payment systems for playing online roulette real money USA and online roulette Canada. With paysafecard, you can quickly and conveniently make online payments without disclosing your personal data.

How to start using PaySafeCard in live casinos playing roulette online USA:

  • Buy a paysafecard.
  • Select paysafecard as a deposit method.
  • Enter the PIN – and you’re done!
  • To increase the security level of your paysafecard PIN, you can create a password for your paysafecard.

How to Deposit Using PaySafeCard?

You can use any of the available platforms listed below. Also we recommend you to use chat roulette online free, before starting depositing money.

  • Stationary client program. You should log in with your account, click “Cashier” and then “Make a deposit.” Click on the “paysafecard” button and follow the pop-up menu instructions.
  • Mobile casino app. To make deposit when playing roulette online uk, log in with your account, open the “Payment Methods” tab in the lobby and click on the “Deposit” button. Click on the “paysafecard” button and do whatever you see on the screen.
  • Web client. Log in with your account and click on the “Deposit” button. Click on the “Paysafecard” button and follow the pop-up menu instructions.

When converting the deposit or withdrawal amount, the average market rate is usually used at the time of the exchange. Whether you are in United Kingdom, Austria or Germany, there will always be equal conditions for currency conversion.

Paysafecard service is available in 42 countries of the world and is accepted as payment in more than 450.000 points of sale. So you can play online roulette South Africa and
online roulette Australia now. The average transaction amount is 24 EUR, and the number of users has increased to 2 million per month. It is safe to say that the Paysafecard card will continue to grow and maintain its position as one of the leading systems of electronic online payments.

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